Nice Shout Out in 7days!

Heart Attack


BY DAN BOLLES [02.23.11]

It’s gonna be a big month for Angioplasty Media. This week, they have four shows on deck at Winooski’s Monkey House alone: “Beat Vision” with DJ Disco Phantom on Wednesday, February 23; Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers this Thursday; Junk Culture with tooth ache. and DJ Disco Phantom this Sunday; and a special “Beat Vision” featuring experimental composer Eric Carbonara — and DJ Disco Phantom — on Wednesday, March 2. But wait, there’s more!

Nick Mavodones’ little-promo-company-that-could recently announced plans to dabble in the indie-label biz with a new venture, Angioplasty Records. AR will also involvePaddy Reagan, and Bryan Parmelee of Parmaga (formerlyMaga). In fact, Parmaga’s debut EP, Ghost Pops, will be the label’s debut release and is slated to hit our eager ears in March. In the meantime, a great little cut from the EP, “Plenty Hands,” is available for free download at

The band plans an official release show at the BCA Center in Burlington on March 18 with Ryan Power, who produced the record, Joey Pizza Slice and — drum roll, please! — DJ Disco Phantom.

They’re Baaack

It’s an equally big month for Angioplasty Media’s kissin’ cousins, MSR Presents, who’ve been a little quiet this winter after a killer 2010. Most folks probably already know about Dum Dum Girls at Club Metronome on Tuesday, March 1, with Minks,Dirty Beaches and DJ Disco Phantom.

(I’m going to take a moment and pause the column here. Feel free to get up and stretch, grab a drink, hit the head, or whatever. Anyway, I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense for me to start writing when Disco Phantom is not part of a killer indie show. I could save a ton of ink. And by this point, can’t you just assume he’ll be spinning crazy-cool mashups in between sets wherever jangly guitars and synths are heard? Just spitballin’ here.)

Aaaaand we’re back!

The show, copresented with your friendly, fun-loving DJs at WRUV, is a make-up date from a canceled September appearance. But it’s just one of two interesting MSR shows this week, and the beginning of another strong run.

Sunday at Radio Bean, MSR is moving away from the mid-level indie fare with which it has made its mark locally and delving into more experimental sonic terrain. The bill features provocative, Brooklyn-based avant-garde and noise collagists The Binary Marketing Show and Lushes. Local support includes the le duo — very interesting live — andNuda Veritas, the latter of whom is reportedly nearing completion of the record I’ve been publicly harassing her to finish for, like, nine months. DJ Disco Phantom will not be appearing at this show.

MSR Presents has an increasingly full calendar posted into May, highlights of which include Kurt Vile and the Violators on March 13, Young Galaxy on March 28 (both at the Monkey) and Titus Andronicus on March 30 at Metronome. And stay tuned for some possibly big news in the coming weeks that may just, ahem, get you all wet…

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